Video Services

Video is one of the most popular mediums on social networks and the internet in general as it allows for clear and detailed communication of messages so we have video solutions for both businesses and families. 

For families

Videos are a great way to capture all sorts of events regardless if they are a big party or small occasion, we can produce great videos and some examples of what we have produced for in the past are:


Save the Date

Birthday parties


A day in the life of your family

For business

When it comes to business the usage of video is exploding online, just think about "How to Dad" and how he built a great business on the back of social video. 

Braziwi can produce a wide range of videos for your business including: 

Business overview

General product videos

Product how-to videos

Website/software demos

Virtual tours (great for accommodation providers and real estate) 

Video Blogs (vLogs) 

Social media content


Reviews videos

The process

Video does have more and we start with pre-production where we work out the idea of the video and what it needs to achieve, we then plan and script when needed along with a storyboard. 

The next stage is to plan the logistics and arrange the people, companies - if you need actors we can arrange this for you. 

Then comes the shoot where we execute what we planned shooting as much footage as we can to ensure you get a professional product. 

Finally is the edit, we prefer the client sits in on the edit so you can help with some of the decisions in telling your story, once the edit is done we can deliver it however you would like.