Photography Services

With a full range of photographic services we cater to both families and businesses. 

Families & Individuals 

For families we understand that you want media to last a lifetime so you can preserve your memories and share them with those who could not be there.

Some services we offer are: 

Family photo shoots

Engagement & Save the Date sessions

Maternity sessions 

General events (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc)


Businesses & Groups

For businesses we take into account what you want to do with your images and create the photos you need to your requirements. 

Some examples of services for businesses are: 

Architectural & property (i.e. houses for sale, motels, hotels, resorts, etc)

Headshots (corporate as well as for actors)

Product photography

Corporate events (i.e. conferences, staff parties, general events)

How we work

We always start looking at the photo shoot and what you want out of it, we work out with you the best locations, what it will take to get the images you want and what you will do with the images after the fact. 

Most of our clients hire us for digital images only at first but then order printed products later, this couldn't be easier via the client area on our website where you simply add the images to your shopping cart, select what product you want the image printed onto, enter the payment information and the printed product will be shipped directly to you from our professional print lab - who by the way ships internationally so you can send items to grandma and poppa overseas easily. 

If you like to know exactly what you will get print wise upfront, we can also arrange a package to include the digital images and discounted printed products - it will just be a matter of working out what images you want printed once the photos are edited and ready.