Kaio James YouTube project

Hey guys! 

Thanks for coming to my page (on my dads website)! 

My name is Kaio, I was born in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, grew up for 5 years in Brazil where my mum is from and for the past few years live in Rotorua where there is always something to do! 

I'm making videos for kids by kids in the hopes to connect, entertain and inform kids here in NZ and around the world!

I want to shout out to the Starship Childrens Hospital for helping my little sister get better when she was super sick. 

Ronald McDonald House has been AWESOME, we spent some time there and it was awesome being able to be around my family and other families who were having a hard time. 

Make sure you subscribe to my You Tube channel - Kaio James so you can be updated when the next video drops!

Thanks heaps, peace!


My latest video - News Report: kiwis shooting into space, not the kiwi birds!