About us


Julia (a Brazilian) and Ryan (a Kiwi) started Braziwi Media in Florianopolis, Brazil back in 2014, in 2016 moved our family to Rotorua after 5 years in Brazil and now our beloved media business too! We service the entire country with a focus on the beautiful Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. 

When we started Braziwi Media we did more work for companies that were looking for bilingual video content, as the business evolved we found ourselves creating more videos for families, save the date and party videos for example. 

It wasn't long until we moved into photography, we started shooting events and family photos. 

Regardless of what you need get in touch and we will be happy to create media for you to preserve and share your memories. 

Print Products

When you order print products from us the company that produces the products and sends them to you is a professional print lab called Queensberry, we use them because they have a great reputation for producing quality print products and can ship internationally. 

This means no matter where you want the products sent, they will get there. We do not charge anything extra for shipping, you pay the wholesale price we get for shipping. 

As our website is fully integrated with Queensberry, they handle the entire process including payment, production and shipping.