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Looking for a “save the date”, wedding, birthday or general family event video? Check out Ryan James Photography!


Business overview

Videos that showcase your business and differentiate it from your competition. With interviews, testimonials, product information and optional voiceover, overview videos are the most flexible in telling the full story about your business.


Being able to show exactly why a product is used and how to use it in detail can be the difference between winning a new customer and getting passed up on. Product videos are great for your online store and social media marketing.

Real Estate

Put your best foot forward by showcasing your property available for rent or sale. We can create these videos from media we capture as shown here or by creating a presentation from provided media. Great for your real estate businesses website and real estate listing sites.


Testimonials help potential clients trust your business and brand when a genuine customer talks about their personal experiences with your business. Fantastic for your website and social media.

Talking head/VLOGs (Video Blogs)

Both talking head and VLOG videos are designed to showcase you or your staff as experts in your chosen field.

When you think of a VLOG, think about an article you may write about on your company blog, we record you talking about the subject rather than making the visitor read it. Mixed in with regular blog articles on your website VLOG videos help win new subscribers and make it easier for your content to be consumed.

Talking head videos are produced in the same manner as a VLOG however they are often explaining service or adding other information allowing the audience to connect with you and your staff, often they also have “B-Roll” to illustrate a point you’re making.

Software/screen capture

A great solution to demonstrate how your software works in the real world, we can capture software on both Windows and Mac operating systems, provide full voiceover and fully edit the videos to make them streamlined and a fantastic sales tool for your website.

Whiteboard explainer

Whiteboard videos are a great way to explain a product or service that is more complex allowing for the subject matter to be broken down logically and then streamlined.

Tradeshows & Events

We offer a full service for tradeshows and events including multiple camera angles when required.

For tradeshows we have a number of packages that include highlight videos, exhibitor interviews, attendee testimonials, seminar coverage and more!

Event videos are normally to highlight the event rather than to capture it in its entirety however, when required we can capture the entire event and provide highlight videos, the full event and more.

For both tradeshows and events, we can optionally store the footage until next year and create a promo video for your next event when you need it!