Braziwi Media is coming to Brisbane with an office opening in early 2016 now is the time to secure great prices on an annual contract!

We have a range of solutions designed for businesses to get the most out of their video content and only Braziwi offers:

With term contracts we have videos from $199 each that deliver unbelievable value
Many of our videos are produced and delivered on the same day and as we’re spending less time on your video you’re getting better value
Most of our content is produced on-location, this being your location and the last thing we want to do is inconvenience your customers, staff and yourself so we have designed our production process to take up a minimum of space and be as non-intrusive as possible allowing your customers, staff and yourself to go on with your day as if we’re not even there!
Because it can be really tough coming up with a new video ever week, fortnight or month, we provide a content guarantee, this means if you don’t have anything you would like us to create we will go out into your business and find a video to produce and if we cannot come up with anything you don’t pay for the video.
Our exclusive “in-the-can” service guarantees you will always have content to upload on time as if there is ever a problem like you get sick, there is an accident and the bridge is closed or there is a natural disaster that prevents us from getting to you, we will produce non-time-sensitive content that just waits until something goes wrong
While you have a contract with us we will always hold a copy of your original media and the videos we produce for you, the means if you need a copy of a video re-sent or if we’re producing a video that is related to an earlier and we need to use media from the earlier video there is no problem at all!

Did you know that videos produced by Braziwi for our clients are up to twice as effective as other videos our clients have done in the past?

We have an impressive “batting average” and our clients love us for it, we produce engaging and effective content for our clients, regardless if it is scripted with actors or documenting an event, our content works as we not only understand what our clients need but what is required to make a video “sharable”.

Types of content we create include: 

Corporate documentaries

 Event overview videos

Product videos

Real estate videos

 Reaction videos (e.g. after a movie premiere or event)

Testimonial videos

VLOGs (video blogs)

Tradeshow overview and tradeshow series production

We are ideally suited to service the following types of clients:

Shopping Centers (and their shops)

Manufacturers, importers & distributors

Real estate agencies (commercial, residential; sales & rentals)

Movie theaters

Amusement parks

Event organizers

And more!